I Am

Seriously, you’re reading this?

Fine. Well, where to start. I was born, as many other people were.

I have lived in Perth, Western Australia for 99% of my life except for two months I will spend the rest of my life trying to not let affect me.

I am a creative, overly emotional, highly intelligent, somewhat arrogant (or possibly more…), extremely introverted, discretely extroverted, clever, witty, charming (except to women’s pants apparently), an escapist, a dillusionist, a vegan, a master cook, a videomaker, a freelance designer of the web, graphic, photo and video kind, a smart ass, a narcissist (as if you couldn’t tell), a teacher, a hopper, a lover, a boyish girl or girly boy depending on my mood and so much more.

All of which does nothing to make me special in any real way… Unique, most definitely, but no short bus.

And this blog is an attempt on who I am…