These Moments are Fleeting

A daydream is a dangerous thing. Hope is a double-edged sword. If you mess around with a sword whilst in a daydream, you’ll probably gonna end up hurting yourself.

It’s a Nice Day…

It’s such a very nice day for a white wedding. It’s also a nice day to feel contemplative and somewhat slightly excluded and forlorn over said white wedding. But I love my friends…

And All That Jazz

So I thought on the back of one of the most bipolar weekends I’ve ever had I would ramble to myself under my breath. Someone once said to me that life was about striving for balance. I may be dumbing down the theory a bit but in essence, I quite liked this concept. I like […]

Unwritten Mantra

The thought that keeps me up at night
as I close my eyes so tight,
as I down my guard and struggle to fight,
the daemons of my ongoing plight
and try to figure how to make it aright…


So there is this reoccurring problem that I seem to have. When it’s dark and cool enough for me to wearily lay face-down into a pillow, when I have my music playing as quietly in the background as softly as possible so its thunderous roar can drown out the din, when all the light is […]