It’s been a long day already and there is still so far to go. Today marks the beginning of a née era as the first of my oldest and dearest friends are married now as I write this on the step outside Caversham house, where my parents were married surprisingly.

I have many mixed feelings today. Overwhelming love being the most prominent with the bride so stunning and my best friend Anushka looking radiant and beautiful like I’ve never seen her before (as we privately sling a quiet joke back an forth).

I also notice that I’m excluding myself as I expectedly feel like I’m excluded from whatever secret club everyone else is a member of. I must have missed the shares prospectus.

But there are other emotions I’m feeling too. A little sense of loss at things that never were meant to come pass, a bit of longing and displacement and boredom as well.

Hopefully some joviality will lighten my mood.

Just smile, nod and answer that everything is fine.

What? It is…