These Moments are Fleeting

A daydream is a dangerous thing. Hope is a double-edged sword. If you mess around with a sword whilst in a daydream, you’ll probably gonna end up hurting yourself.

It’s a Nice Day…

It’s such a very nice day for a white wedding. It’s also a nice day to feel contemplative and somewhat slightly excluded and forlorn over said white wedding. But I love my friends…

And All That Jazz

So I thought on the back of one of the most bipolar weekends I’ve ever had I would ramble to myself under my breath. Someone once said to me that life was about striving for balance. I may be dumbing down the theory a bit but in essence, I quite liked this concept. I like […]

I Need a Hero

I’m holding out for a hero till the morning light… And a little longer than that too…

Unwritten Mantra

The thought that keeps me up at night
as I close my eyes so tight,
as I down my guard and struggle to fight,
the daemons of my ongoing plight
and try to figure how to make it aright…


I love the night. It’s so quiet and still and peaceful and a whole bunch of other adjectives to describe being dead. If I was honest, I would say that it’s that tranquility that excites me so much. Does that make me a budding young necrophiliac? I think my need for a response and close […]

Regurgitation of the Past

It’s amazing to think that you could still care for someone who betrays you and hurts you no matter how long and how hard you work to recover after the event. Like some involuntary Jesus-complex of forgiveness it makes you wonder whether it’s biological/chemical, social/psychological or even just a personal/moral trait you possess. Regardless, this […]


So there is this reoccurring problem that I seem to have. When it’s dark and cool enough for me to wearily lay face-down into a pillow, when I have my music playing as quietly in the background as softly as possible so its thunderous roar can drown out the din, when all the light is […]

Nothing Compares…

I suppose it’s wrong starting a new post and having nothing to talk about. Maybe that’s what I should talk about though… Nothing. In the sense that there’s nothing where something should be. You know how people ask stupidly banal questions about “happiness” and their lives are weighed up against an ideal they have no […]

Isolation in Numbers

Well it certainly has been an interesting week. You know, those ones that you survive more than anything else? I think the personal highlight was realising just how stupid I was being, reading too much into things that I wanted to read into. Several lessons learnt there: I can be proactive in matters of the […]